Thursday, 29 July 2021

Deutsche Bank onboards Xceptor to automate core operational processes in Indonesia

Deutsche Bank’s Corporate Bank and Xceptor announced their partnership to automate the bank’s core processes in Indonesia as part of its broader optimisation and digitisation strategy. 

Xceptor provides AI-enabled data centric automation software to easily automate processes, thereby driving productivity and operational efficiency. As part of this partnership, Xceptor will help to automate reconciliations with multiple external parties for the bank’s securities services business. Computation of various components of tax such as capital gains and withholding tax will also be transformed with the use of Xceptor.

The powerful automation tool is being deployed to bring about reduced manual workloads, exceptions and breaks, improved accuracy and speed. Clients will also benefit from more timely reports transmission and information on potential buy-in in the market.

Xceptor, the data ingestion and transformation specialist, is a no-code platform that specialises in automating processes through data ingestion of any format, data transformation and process digitisation. 

Siantoro Goeyardi, chief country officer at Deutsche Bank in Indonesia, said, “We are delighted to partner with Xceptor to automate operational processes and accelerate the digitalisation of client services, which demonstrates our long-term commitment to the Indonesian market.”

Goeyardi added that this partnership will help them maintain the standard of delivering best-in-class services to their clients.

Andrew Kouloumbrides, chief executive officer of Xceptor, said, “The APAC region is still distinguished by its continued reliance on exchange of information and documents by non-digital means such as by fax. This means it still has a disproportionate amount of manual process and uncontrolled workarounds that can be easily automated by Xceptor to support the optimisation and governance efforts of its operations and IT teams.”

Re-disseminated by The Asian Banker