Wednesday, 29 March 2023

Best SME Loan/Financing Product - Webank(China)

5 min read

The winning product as a micro-loan has built a SME loan customer base of remarkable scale and has registered over 2 million SME users on its platform. The winning product has provided loans with a gross amount of RMB 66.8 billion ($10 billion) to SME borrowers. The winning product came out in 2017. It primarily focuses on providing online non-guarantee enterprise operation loans to small-to-medium enterprises. 60% of the clients receives their very first loan here. In 2021, the winning product has more than 70,000 new-to-loan customers and provides a sub-business line for technology innovation loans. About 150,000 tech companies have applied through the platform. Moreover, the winning product is pre-approved on the platform so it only takes 9 minutes from the submission of application to granting the loan, 55% shorter than its international competitors, and largely improved the customers 'experience.

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