Friday, 2 June 2023

Best Digital Wallet in Vietnam

5 min read

  • This winning digital wallet serves as a super-app to its customers, from insurance and inclusive loans to educational and medical services. It also enables a mini-app function for merchant partners to provide an all-in-one experience. 
  • The wallet has a pay-later function with a 30-day no-interest period, and only changes $0.70 cents per month afterward.
  • It has the highest user numbers and total processed value (TPV) among all the consumer digital payments in Vietnam. It has 31 million users onboard with over $22 billion TPV as of September 2022, constituting more than 60% of the payment market value across the country. 
  • For its comprehensive digital solutions and robust payment network, the Best Digital Wallet in Vietnam is MoMo.
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