The Asian Banker Wednesday, 17 July 2024

Best Cloud Transformation in Vietnam

5 min read

  • This bank covers more business areas through its cloud infrastructure and partnership with Amazon Web Services. The bank has shown significant improvements in protecting data security during its cloud transformation. It has seen a 40% drop in its cyber-attacks and a 59% drop in security violations.
  • As a result, the bank can apply a cloud-based loan origination system in its credit card business line. It used to take five to 15 minutes in ‘time-to-yes’—now it takes less than 15 seconds. Thanks to this new development, the bank has seen a credit card user active rate to 85% in 2022.
  • For its broad business scope, highly-improved cybersecurity, reduced IT costs and efficiency, the Best Cloud Transformation in Vietnam is by Techcombank.
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