Tuesday, 5 March 2024

Best Chatbot/Voice Banking service is from WeBank

5 min read

  • This chatbot powered by non-scripted natural language processing (NLP) covers more than 98% of customer conversations and responds within one second, with an accuracy rate of more than 93%.
  • The bot services customers for deposits, personal and automobile loans and loans for small and medium-sized enterprises. It can identify more than 40 big questions and hundreds of small queries. 
  • The financial institution developed the NLP engine in-house using cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology such as migration and federated learning. The service has undergone eight iterations since its inception in 2015.
  • With a high first-time resolution rate and use of more than five major NLP models, including the BERT and Transformer 3 models, also used by ChatGPT, the Best Chatbot/Voice Banking service is from WeBank China.
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