Tuesday, 25 June 2024

Basel Committee reports on digitalisation of finance

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The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision published a report considering the implications of the ongoing digitalisation of finance on banks and supervision.

The report builds on the Sound Practices: implications of fintech developments for banks and bank supervisors published in 2018, and takes stock of recent developments in the digitalisation of finance.

The report reviews the use of key innovative technologies across various aspects of the banking value chain, including application programming interfaces, artificial intelligence and machine learning, distributed ledger technology and cloud computing. It also considers the role of new technologically-enabled suppliers such as big techs, fintechs and third-party service providers, and business models.

While digitalisation can benefit both banks and their customers, it can also create new vulnerabilities and amplify existing risks. These can include greater strategic and reputational risks, a larger scope of factors that could test banks’ operational risk and resilience, and potential system-wide risks due to increased interconnections.

Banks are implementing various strategies and practices to mitigate these risks, but effective governance and risk management processes remain fundamental.

Digitalisation raises regulatory and supervisory implications for both banks and supervisors. These include:

· Monitoring evolving risks and adopting a responsible approach to innovation;

· Safeguarding data and implementing robust risk management processes; and

· Securing the necessary resources, staff and capabilities to assess and mitigate risks from new technologies and business models.

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