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P2P Lending Companies

Peer-to-peer lending is the loan of money to individuals, or "peers", without going through a traditional financial intermediary such as a bank. This lending takes place online using various different lending platforms and credit checking tools.

Australia SocietyOne http://www.societyone.com.au/
  DirectMoney http://www.directmoney.com.au/
  RateSetter http://www.ratesetter.com.au
China China Rapid Finance http://www.crfchina.com/
  Creditease http://english.creditease.cn/
  Dianrong (formerly SinoLending) http://www.dianrong.com/
  HongLing Capital http://www.my089.com/
  Lufax http://www.lufax.com/
  pPdai http://www.ppdai.com/
  Qifang http://www.qifang.com
  RenRenDai http://www.renrendai.com/
  SHAcom http://www.shacom.com/
  Wangdaizhijia http://www.wangdaizhijia.com/
  Yooli http://www.yooli.com/
France Pret d’Union http://www.pret-dunion.fr/
Germany Lendico http://www.lendico.com/
Hong Kong Queen Capital http://www.queencapitalfinance.com
  WeLend https://www.welend.hk/en
  WeLab http://www.welab.co/
India Rang De http://www.rangde.org/
  Faircent https://www.faircent.com/
  i-Lend http://www.i-lend.in/
Japan Aqush Tomo https://www.aqush.jp
  Maneo https://www.maneo.jp/
South Korea Money Auction http://www.moneyauction.co.kr/
Singapore Funding Societies https://www.fundingsocieties.com
  MoolahSense http://www.moolahsense.com
UK Assetz Capital  https://www.assetzcapital.co.uk/
  Funding Circle http://www.fundingcircle.com/
  Marketinvoice http://marketinvoice.com/
  RateSetter https://www.ratesetter.com/
  Rebuildingsociety http://www.rebuildingsociety.com/
  ThinCats https://www.thincats.com/
  UYDO http://www.uydo.org/
  Virgin Money http://www.virginmoney.com/
  Wellesley & Co. http://www.wellesley.co.uk/
  Zopa http://www.zopa.com/
US BTCjam https://btcjam.com
  CommonBond http://commonbond.co/
  Energy in Common http://www.energyincommon.org/
  Grameen America http://grameenamerica.org/
  Lenddo https://www.lenddo.com/
  Lending Club http://www.lendingclub.com/
  Prosper Marketplace http://www.prosper.com/
  Sofi http://sofi.com/
  Vittana http://www.vittana.org/
  Zidisha http://www.zidisha.org/
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