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The Future of Finance Summit 2022

Thursday, 4 August 2022

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International keynote


Leveraging data at scale with AI and advanced technologies

In recent years, tech giants and digital-native companies have been investing heavily in new technologies and AI to emerge as industry leaders. In the banking sector, utilising data analytics tools is a major factor to add value to their customers by offering digital products and services which require a deep understanding of the end-user demands and also allow fast and direct access to unified data. In this session, we will discuss and evaluate the potential of AI and advanced technologies to enable large-scale digital transformation.

  • How banks are benefitting from AI and data analytics to operate efficiently?
  • AI chatbots for seamless customer interaction and personalised banking service
  • Data analytics in optimising processes and streamlining operations
  • Utilising data to maximise revenues and mitigate related risks
  • Identifying best practices for big data analytics

Banking industry briefing


The power of cloud in shaping the bank of tomorrow

The adoption of the cloud is a necessity for FIs to modernise their legacy data infrastructure and achieve operational resilience, scalability and security. The technology has significant opportunities in terms of its capability to increase productivity, revenue, and deliver customised products to enhance digital experience. In this session, we will discuss how banks can leverage the cloud to improve business performance at a lower cost and ensure data security to meet the ever-evolving regulatory compliance.

  • Migrating to the cloud to ensure business continuity
  • The use of IoT with cloud to create on-demand-predictive, hyper-personalised and dynamic services
  • How efficient, reliable and cost-effective cloud-based data storage can help in better decision making?
  • Cloud solutions in innovating products and fueling digital transformation journey
  • The adoption of an open hybrid multi-cloud to ensure agility, security and speed

Banking industry briefing


A look ahead into the future of cybersecurity

Cyberattacks are rising with the continuous developments in advanced technologies. Looking into the future of cybersecurity and its impact on financial services, cyberthreats are always on the frontline in the digital transformation journey which is attracting significant cyber risk. In this session, we will identify the latest cybersecurity trends and how banks are combatting the increased cyber-attacks and financial crimes while securing customer data, mitigating third-party risk, and maintaining regulatory compliance.

  • Preventive measures in digital payments to minimise security threats
  • Best practices in open banking security and related cyberthreats
  • Utilising AI and ML to combat financial crimes
  • Collaboration with regtechs to ensure regulatory monitoring, reporting and compliance
  • Implementing security frameworks to enable secure and fast cloud transformation

The International Heads of Technology Annual Dialogue

FIs must accelerate their digital transformation journey. The demand of the tech-savvy generation, the rise of digital banks and the continuous change of the regulatory frameworks are shaping the future of the financial services industry. Hence, incumbents have to heavily invest in advanced technologies to drive more digital services and personalised products to remain competitive and compliant.

This annual dialogue involves CIOs, CISOs and heads of technologies from more than 20 countries from the Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa. The dialogue will cover a comprehensive range of key issues and best practices in the industry:

  • The future of e-money with the rise of CBDCs and virtual assets
  • Banking as we know it today with the rise of DeFi apps – how banks will react?
  • The evolution of blockchain and cutting-edge technologies to transform businesses
  • Enhancing collaboration by utilising open APIs to leverage Banking-as-a-Service
  • Identifying banks' digital strategies roadmap to thrive in the ever-changing conditions

The Asian Banker Financial Technology Awards 2022

  • Awards programme: process, methodology and scorecards
  • Overview of the financial technology innovation landscape
  • Key findings from the awards programme
  • Best practices (based on submissions)

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