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Emirates NBD demonstrated resilience and good recovery by an increased revenue of 3.62%

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Emirates NBD’s improved sales and customer experience strengthened its retail banking performance.

  • Emirates NBD’s retail banking increased revenue by 3.62 % in 2021
  • The bank saw 96% of all transactions done digitally
  • Emirates NBD recorded a net promoter score average of 36 across client segments

Singapore, 26 May 2022 – Emirates NBD was recognised as the best retail bank in the Middle East and United Arab Emirates at the Excellence in Retail Financial Services International Programme 2022 presented by The Asian Banker. 

Emirates NBD’s retail banking increased revenue by 3.62 % in 2021

Emirates NBD’s retail banking posted a revenue of $ 2.19 billion  (AED 8.05 billion) in 2021, a 3.62 % increase compared to the previous year. The liabilities book increased by 8%, as current and savings accounts (CASA) balances grew by 15% in 2021, supported by enhanced customer promotions and new product launches. This performance was driven by strong digital sales. The introduction of the new straight-through process (STP), instant account opening on mobile helped generate incremental sales capacity at no operational cost.  Net interest income increased by 1% year-on-year (YOY) driven by growth in liabilities and higher loan volumes. In addition, fee income grew by 10% due to higher business volumes, while return on equity (ROE) stands at 8.2%.

Qatar Islamic Bank (QIB), on the other hand, recorded an increase of 2.16% in their retail banking revenue of  $2.23 billion (QAR 8.13 billion) in 2021.QIB’s total number of retail banking customers increased by 7.7%. The bank’s ROE is 17.6%, cost-to-income ratio is 18.1%total retail fee income is 3.05%.

The bank saw 96% of all transactions done digitally

Emirates NBD’s digital usage continued to rise with 96% of all transactions being done digitally. Contactless payments increased rapidly and constituted over 80% of all point of sale (POS) transactions. The bank rolled out of digital processes to assist customers with routine service requests or to sign up for new loan, card, and wealth products.

On the other hand, 82% of QIB’s retail customer base is digitally active, while Qatar National Bank (QNB) has more than 93% of its customers use their digital channels. 40% of QIB’s new customers were digitally onboarded and more than 75% of personal finance bookings were digital, QNB has more than 60,000 newly-acquired customers in 2021.

Emirates NBD recorded a net promoter score average of 36 across client segments

Emirates NBD, one of the leader banks in the UAE designated October as customer experience month, while it dedicated April to promoting financial literacy and wellness among its customers and their families through social media campaigns and workshops. The bank recorded a net promoter score (NPS) average of 36 across client segments. Emirates NBD’s brand value is at $3.73 billion.  The cards franchise was enhanced with the launch of the UAE’s first eco-friendly payment card using recycled plastic. The Emirates NBD Expo 2020 prepaid card was launched, a digital-first offering available to resident customers and visitors via a dedicated mobile application.

QIB continued to enhance its digital products and services to ensure a safer and convenient banking experience. As one of the core sectors for socio-economic development, QIB adopted  digital technologies at the start of the pandemic and continued to introduce more innovative products to its retail and corporate customers throughout 2021.  The bank launched several initiatives including the all-new QIB Mobile App giving 24/7 access to its retail customers to their banking accounts. The bank introduced a chatbot armed with proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, a video banking solution, the brokerage platform, and continued to invest in digital payments with the introduction of Apple Pay and Visa Direct.

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