Friday, 31 March 2023

Best Global (EUR & USD) and EUR Clearing Bank in Asia Pacific - Deutsche Bank

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By The Asian Banker

The winning bank is a global financial institution service provider that has a high book transfer ratio of more than 50% for both EURO and USD clearing services with the ability to clear almost half of its cross-border payments under five minutes. 0The bank’s innovative solutions such as FX4Cash and GEM Connect support in meeting payment obligations in an automated and transparent manner. The GEM Connect platform aids customers to link their liquidity-management strategy with their forex execution, helping them achieve target and zero balances across entities and even capital-restricted currencies. It leveraged its extensive global cash management network and strengthened forex capabilities to streamline the whole M&A capital injection process and digitalise to minimise manual workflows.

For these achievements, the award for Best Global (EUR & USD) and EUR Clearing Bank in Asia Pacific goes to Deutsche Bank.

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