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ADCB’s onboarding solution contributes 58% of new customer acquisition

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By The Asian Banker

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank’s (ADCB) onboarding solution, ADCB Hayyak, is a complete transformation of the core retail bank legacy systems and infrastructure. It is a fully digital and seamless customer onboarding solution for accounts, credit cards and loans.

  • ADCB Hayyak addressed customer needs to build a banking relationship
  • The bank achieved a strong market share of all new customers acquired digitally  
  • Hayyak transformed the core banking services

Singapore, 25 August 2021 Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank was recognised for Best Customer Onboarding Initiative at The Asian Banker Middle East and Africa Regional Awards 2021.

ADCB’s onboarding solution digitises new customers’ lending journey 

Customer Experience: ADCB Hayyak addressed customer needs to build a banking relationship

ADCB Hayyak meets customer needs of a simple, convenient and on-demand means to start a banking relationship. Their needs were shaped by their experiences in industries like retail and e-commerce, travel, and entertainment which rendered seamless and instant services. Starting a banking relationship is cumbersome, paper-intensive and takes between 48 to 72 hours and in the interim, has no visibility on the status. 

Hayyak is a complete transformation from within. It is fully integrated with the core banking services and systems of the bank. Customers get the same products/services that are provided across the conventional channels such as branches and frontline sales staff.

QIB’s new digital onboarding feature is available on the QIB mobile app. It allows new customers to open a current, savings or misk account. QIB continues to implement a bank-wide digital transformation programme to improve customers’ experiences, modernise the bank’s offerings, contribute positively to profitability, and introduce an agile methodology of continuously delivering new and innovative features for existing customers and attracting new ones. 

Business Impact: The bank achieved a strong market share of all new bank customers acquired digitally 

ADCB Hayyak is one of the leading customer onboarding mobile apps in the UAE. Hayyak contributes more than 70% of all new customers onboarded, and has emerged as one of the predominant acquisition channels for ADCB. It is one of the first banks in the region that provides a fully digital onboarding solution for accounts, credit cards and loans, where the money is credited instantly to the account. The bank obtained an in-app rating of 90% in the voice of the customer survey, a net promoter score (NPS) of 60%, and Google Play/App store rating being the highest for onboarding apps. The success of Hayyak resulted in a break even period of 10 months post launch. ADCB continues to invest and enhance the platform as part of its roadmap for 2022.

Digital and Innovation: Hayyak  transformed the core banking services  

ADCB Hayyak delivers a fully digital onboarding experience in existing retail banking products and services in a completely paperless and seamless manner. Hayyak provides instant personal loans and virtual credit card setup/activation for new customers in the region.

ADCB and Qatar Islamic Bank (QIB) were the finalists for the Best Customer Onboarding Initiative award. ADCB demonstrated high performance in digital journey, customer experience and growth.

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