Wednesday, 28 September 2022

WHO says COVID-19 may peak in Malaysia by mid-April

Malaysia is showing signs that the infection curve is flattening, setting the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) expectations that the number of COVID-19 cases there will peak by mid-April.

With 2,908 confirmed cases as of 2 April, Malaysia has the highest number of infections in the Southeast Asian region. So far, the country has resorted to strict travel and movement restrictions in a bid to contain the virus.

"Based on available data, the WHO Country Office has projected that Malaysia will see a peak in hospitalised cases in mid-April," Ying-Ru Lo, the WHO's head of mission, told Reuters in an emailed statement. Lo is also the WHO representative to Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore.

By next week, the WHO expects that the number of critically ill patients – which stand at 102 as of press time – in the country will peak, although that expectation may change. "There are initial signs of flattening of the curve, but this could bounce back if control measures are lifted and if people don't continue to take protective measures," said the WHO representative.

Lo has noted that there are no signs of widespread community transmission in Malaysia.

In recent days, Malaysia has doubled its testing capacity, now being able to perform 7,000 tests a day from 3,500 in the last week.

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