Wednesday, 28 September 2022

US surpasses China, Italy in number of COVID-19 cases

The United States now has the most COVID-19 cases in the world, data from Johns Hopkins University show. As of Friday noon, Singapore time, 27 March, the university’s tracker has listed 85,840 cases in the US, surpassing Italy’s caseload of 80,589 and China’s 81,782. The global total of infections stands at 532,253 as of press time.

New York City remains the hotbed of the virus in America, with a significant portion of the country’s almost 1,300 fatalities having been recorded there. On Thursday, 26 March, it recorded over 100 COVID-19 deaths.

By the day, US hospitals are being put under immense pressure to accommodate the increasing number of patients. Older, previously closed have been reopened, single rooms have been turned into doubled and medical buildings have been repurposed.

Last week, President Donald Trump revealed that about 3.3 million Americans have already filed for unemployment. Trump expects that this number may grow further in the coming weeks, depending on how soon the virus is contained and how fast the economy can rebound.

“I heard it could be six million, could be seven million… It’s a lot of jobs, but I think we’ll come back very strong,” said Trump.

The Federal Reserve has already enacted sweeping measures to cushion the US economy from the pandemic’s blow. Similarly, the Senate yesterday, 26 March, has struck an agreement over a $2 trillion stimulus package in light of the current crisis, which will greatly support the Fed’s measures.

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