Friday, 9 June 2023

Several coronavirus measures lifted in France

French President Emmanuel Macron has lifted a number of coronavirus measures in the country in light of what he called the “first victory” of France against the deadly virus. 

Starting today, 15 June, cafes and restaurants will finally reopen throughout France. This expands the previous directive earlier this month that allowed restaurants, cafes and hotels to resume operations in select areas. Macron clarified that this will cover even the hard-hit Paris region. 

People can now also visit family members in retirement homes, which have been highly affected during the COVID-19 outbreak. Schools are set to reopen starting 22 June with the exception of high schools.

Travel to other European countries will be allowed as well. This follows the recommendation of the European Commission to lift internal border restrictions, although France is only one of the few nations that have done so.

Belgium, Croatia, Germany and Switzerland have all fully reopened their borders today. The Czech Republic allows unrestricted travel to and from 26 states but bans the entry of people from Belgium, Portugal, Sweden and the United Kingdom. Greece, meanwhile, has allowed in travellers from even farther countries such as Australia, Japan, South Korea and New Zealand.

Italy and Poland have reopened their borders earlier on 3 June and 13 June respectively.

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