The Asian Banker Monday, 15 July 2024

Italy extends lockdown amid declining infection rate

The Italian government has decided to extend the nationwide lockdown by two more weeks until at least 12 April or Easter Sunday. The move comes as a supplemental measure to further flatten the curve amid Italy’s already declining infection rate.

On Monday, 30 March, the country recorded 1,648 new COVID-19 infections, a figure much lower than the previous day’s total of 3,815. However, the death toll increased once more with 812 new recorded fatalities, as opposed to the previous day’s 756. Italy remains the hardest hit country in Europe, with over 101,000 total cases as of the time of writing.

The lockdown was supposed to end initially on Friday, 3 April. For three weeks now, Italians have been living under stringent measures that prohibit leaving their homes unless otherwise essential. Most shops, bars and restaurants have been closed since the lockdown was implemented.

Elsewhere in Europe, COVID-19 remains a major problem in countries such as Spain and Germany. Spain has recorded a total of 85,195 positive cases as of yesterday, a figure higher than China’s official tally. A total of 7,340 people has succumbed to the disease in Spain. Foreign Minister Arancha Gonzalez, however, has expressed optimism, as the country is showing signs of flattening the infection curve.

Germany has surpassed the 57,000 mark in the number of total cases. Fortunately, the outbreak has not been as deadly there as in Spain or Italy. The Russian capital of Moscow has also implemented a lockdown in a bid to curb the outbreak, while Hungary has given its government sweeping emergency powers.

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