Wednesday, 28 September 2022

Italy, Spain report lower death tolls

Spain and Italy have both recorded significantly lower death tolls yesterday, 18 May. Spain has logged 87 deaths in 24 hours, the lowest toll in two months, while Italy’s single-day fatality rate of 145 is the lowest since its declaration of a lockdown.

The last time Spain recorded less than 100 deaths in a day from COVID-19 was in mid-March. The country’s head of health emergency coordination Fernando Simon said that that particular instance may have happened because of a delay in reporting over the weekend.

“This is good news – even if it is always hard to speak about deaths from this disease,” said Simon.

In total, Spain has had 231,350 cases and 27,650 deaths. Over 400 new cases were confirmed on Sunday, 17 May.

Although the country has begun phasing out restrictions on movement, Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez will seek another month’s extension of Spain’s state of emergency due to lapse on 24 May.

Italy, having recorded its lowest number of deaths in a day since 9 March, is looking to revive some commercial activity in the country. Retailers, restaurants, salons, hairdressers and cake shops will be allowed to reopen starting today.

The country is gearing up as well for the easing of travel restrictions starting 3 June, during which travel between regions will be allowed to resume as well as some international travel. People have already been allowed to travel within their own region since the gradual easing of lockdown measures in May.

Italy has had 224,760 confirmed infections and 31,908 deaths to date.

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