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Diagnostic Review Services

Over the years The Asian Banker has developed a library of templates comprising data, emerging best practices and industry standards of performance that allow the accurate determination of a client’s performance relative to its peer group.

A team of our researchers and industry experts will engage with the client to audit its performance from the viewpoint of the key drivers we have identified in many industries, and will recommend process improvements to close benchmark gaps.

In doing so, The Asian Banker will, among else, independently assess the operational and business capabilities and processes, to develop measurable performance indicators to support short- to medium-term goals in the areas identified.

From the library and the client engagement we provide a tailored diagnostic review kit  that is able to assist in your decision making needs whether at a product or operational level or for strategic market level initiatives. Findings will be delivered through a presentation, a workshop or a report

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Our Methodology
The following sections outline our proprietary methodology, which subscribers can use as a guide to understand the various research notes and analysis.

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