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About the Benchmarking Centre

The Asian Banker Benchmarking Centre is an international research, training and consulting service platform that assists all players develop their competitive capacity and succeed in the financial services industry. It is a resource centre designed to help practising professionals acquire and maintain critical skills in key tactical areas of business and operations.
We assist businesses in the following areas:


  • Retail Banking 
  • Technology & Operations
  • Transaction Banking
  • Banking Regulation 
  • Leadership in Banking


The Benchmarking Centre constitutes a library of benchmarks which banks can use to:


  • Build or validate a bank’s individual benchmarking capability
  • Develop a mental map of the global consumer banking industry
  • Anticipate industry trends and opportunities


The Benchmarking Centre constitutes the most comprehensive body of knowledge on benchmarks and best practices in the industry. It addresses banks’ needs for data and trends, enhancing institutional/organisational planning and satisfies benchmarking needs. Thus we develop templates and assertions that are rigorously tested through applications in banks across the industry worldwide.



To address the needs of the industry we offer:

  • Benchmarking Manuals that offer insights into trends and developments of the industry, key assumptions for succeeding in the business, benchmarks, best practices and case studies.
  • Diagnostic Reviews that recommend process improvements after a thorough audit of the institution’s operations by Asian Banker Research and industry experts.
  • Benchmarking Training teaches bank’s key business analysts and managers how to understand key trends driving the industry, and from there, develop their own rigorous idea of industry scenarios, identify emerging benchmarks and best practices. Your staff will be taught to develop their own benchmark management reports and SWOT analysis that can contribute to your bank’s own key performance indicators.


The Benchmarking Centre builds not only on the findings from and information collected through our awards programmes, but also through ongoing executive interviews and surveys, and our comprehensive data repository. Asian Banker Research has monitored the industry for over more than a decade and has continuously fine-tuned its assessment and understanding.

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Our Methodology
The following sections outline our proprietary methodology, which subscribers can use as a guide to understand the various research notes and analysis.

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