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Key Data
Theme Reports
In addition to the Country Macroeconomic Files and AB700, we track a number of data annually by current themes.

This list is modified constantly to reflect changes in the industry.

Macro Trends
- The Annual Intermediation
  Trends Report

The Annual Mergers & Acquisitions Report
- The post-merger synergy

The Annual Bank Distribution Trends Report
- on Mobile and Internet Banking
- on Branches, ATMs and Kiosks

The Annual Retail Payments Trend Report on Debit, Credit and Pre-paid Cards in Asia

Corporate and Wholesale Payments
- The Renminbi Trends
- Consolidated International
  payments trends for Asia
- The Cross-Border Payments
  Report for Asia

Risk and Regulation
- Bankruptcy Trends in Asia

Governments and Finance
- Country Debt Profile

The Asian Banker Databook

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ACB is positioning itself to become Vietnam’s leading bank
Date: Sep 05, 2016   |   Author: Research   |   Research Note
The Asian Banker recently updated the bank profile of Asia Commercial Bank. The bank is focused on boosting its competitiveness in the Vietnamese market.
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Vietnam Eximbank struggles amid market volatility
Date: Sep 05, 2016   |   Author: Research   |   Research Note
The Asian Banker recently updated the bank profile of Vietnam Eximbank.
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Brexit and weaker economic growth hit HSBC's performance
Date: Aug 22, 2016   |   Author: Shenming Wang   |   Research Note
HSBC will continue reshaping its business and conduct cost-saving strategies amidst a weak performance in its European, Latin American, and North American businesses.


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