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Research Note
Disintermediation in retail payments forcing banks to develop culture of digital finesse
Date: Sep 12, 2013   |   Author: Research
Developing a convenient payments instrument even better and more secure in product application and usage is critical for market success.
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VIDEO: “Community is the hardest thing to build in financial services today”
Date: Nov 26, 2012   |   Author: The Banking Conversation
Gottfried Leibbrandt, CEO of SWIFT discusses SWIFT’s architecture and upcoming strategies, facilitating global interconnectivity and dealing with increased regulatory pressure.
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Interview transcript: Gottfried Leibbrandt, CEO, SWIFT
Date: Nov 19, 2012   |   Author: Editorial
Gottfried Leibbrandt, SWIFT CEO, discusses becoming the organisation's CEO, surviving the competition, as well as the challenges and opportunities involved amidst increased regulatory pressure.
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Is Asia ready to participate in P2P lending and payments?
Date: Nov 08, 2012   |   Author: Durva Lakhlani
Although P2P transactions are gaining traction in the UK and US, Asian P2P businesses are still in a nascent stage.
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News Analysis
Visa dumps Global Payments over breach affecting 1.5 million cards
Date: Apr 16, 2012   |   Author: Lalitha Sivanesan
Visa removes payment processor from list of approved service providers but still may stand a chance of reinstatement.
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Changing the ATM key to global EMV migration
Date: Oct 13, 2011   |   Author: Issa Keshek
Issa Keshek, regional director, Middle East and Asia Pacific, Level Four, feels the global impetus to migrate to EMV has identified several best practices.
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Google: one wallet to contain them all?
Date: Jun 28, 2011   |   Author: Aldo Joson
The Internet search engine giant enters the innovation race in an attempt to efficiently enable smartphones to act as e-wallets, as banks are seen as sluggish and passive.
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News Analysis
Jamie Dimon stumbles in war of words with US senator over interchange fees
Date: Apr 20, 2011   |   Author: Peter Hoflich
The J.P. Morgan CEO used his annual letter to shareholders to take a shot at politicians setting the reform agenda; this is a game he is not likely to win.
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Research Note
BRAC Bank pioneers e-banking in Bangladesh
Date: Mar 16, 2011   |   Author: Research
A tie-up with Visa for an online commerce venture has helped BRAC, The Best Retail Bank in Bangladesh at The Asian Banker Excellence in Retail Financial Services Awards 2011, change the country’s retail banking landscape.

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