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News Analysis
Virtual currencies pose attractive alternative to physical money
Date: Apr 10, 2013   |   Author: Magessan Raj
Bitcoin experienced a spectacular surge in value following Cyprus’ botched bailout attempt. Is the virtual currency a mere bubble waiting to explode, or the future of cash?
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News Analysis
Banks must take measured and cost-effective approach to compliance
Date: Nov 05, 2012   |   Author: Magessan Raj
While FATCA’s recent implementation delay has provided breathing space for financial institutions, they will do well to employ a measured and cost-effective approach to compliance.
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News Analysis
US’ biggest banks unlikely to be dismantled despite calls for reform
Date: Aug 01, 2012   |   Author: Magessan Raj
Sandy Weill does an about-turn and joins advocates favouring the splitting-up of US’ largest banks in calling for far deeper changes among major banks to ensure past mistakes are not repeated.
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News Analysis
Will ING Bank $619m fine stop banks from circumventing regulatory controls?
Date: Jun 14, 2012   |   Author: Timothy Shim
Violation of US sanctions and the deliberate deletion of thousands of transaction records have seen Dutch Bank ING paying a record amount in settlement.

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