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Chinese banks must be able to adapt to current market dynamics to stay competitive
Date: May 16, 2013   |   Author: Fan Wenzhong
Remarks by Fan Wenzhong, director general, international department, CBRC, at the China International Banking Convention 2013, on the changing banking landscape in China.
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Financial institutions urged to balance capital and risk management
Date: Oct 31, 2012   |   Author: Esther Tan
While lauding the aim of the BCBS to strengthen capital standards for managing market risks, bankers are cautious about an overly prescriptive approach.
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Data and analytics are increasingly shaping financial services landscape
Date: Oct 29, 2012   |   Author: Emmanuel Daniel
Emmanuel Daniel, President and CEO of The Asian Banker, discusses the evolution of the banking industry, the importance of having a comprehensive data information structure and the role of a CMO.
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Banks must ensure safety and soundness of their systems
Date: Oct 29, 2012   |   Author: Tony Chew
Tony Chew, director and specialist adviser to MAS discusses the urgent need for banks to boost their defenses in response to the various technology risks of today.
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DataWorld 2012: Towards greater bank cost-efficiency and process optimisation
Date: Oct 10, 2012   |   Author: Levina Lim
The Asian Banker’s DataWorld 2012 will address utilisation of social and predictive analytics as well as the impact of regulations on data and analytics, amongst various important issues.

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