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Interview transcript: Roland Sassoon, CEO, Sasfin Bank
Date: Apr 11, 2014   |   Author: Roland Sassoon
Roland Sassoon, CEO, Sasfin Bank, talks about the needs of target clients, assets and fees, and corporate financing.
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Rapid Big Data analytics key to agile decision making
Date: Jul 23, 2013   |   Author: Timothy Shim
Failing to make quick use of data gathered can be one of the most crippling factors working against financial institutions today.
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Case Study
Cathay United Bank remodels data warehouse to facilitate a single version of truth
Date: May 14, 2013   |   Author: Levina Lim
The bank successfully partnered with Teradata to implement an enterprise-wide Data Management Infrastructure, improving analysis efficiency and risk control capabilities.
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Research Note
Chinese banks' matured approach to IT partnerships bodes well for domestic financial eco-system
Date: Mar 06, 2013   |   Author: Baron Laudermilk
Chinese banks now look at five decisive factors when selecting prospective IT partners – brand, work history, committed resources, quality of service, and cost.
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Case Study
China CITIC Bank employs data-oriented strategy to activate dormant card accounts
Date: Feb 07, 2013   |   Author: Baron Laudermilk
China CITIC Bank’s credit card activation rates improved 389% since implementing SAS’ marketing campaign, designed to improve credit card management.
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News Analysis
Taiwanese banks driven to rethink banking strategies and focus on domestic strengths
Date: Jan 23, 2013   |   Author: Baron Laudermilk
Bank SinoPac restructures WMP approach and aims to leverage on renminbi business to drive growth in an over-saturated market.
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Research Note
Risky road ahead for South Korean banks
Date: Dec 04, 2012   |   Author: Baron Laudermilk
Weakening ROAs, risky NPLs, and funding exposures may prove to be stumbling blocks in the banks’ quest to seek compliance with Basel III.
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Research Note
Predictive analytics is a game changer in the insurance industry
Date: Jun 29, 2012   |   Author: Levina Lim
Predictive analytics has many practical applications in the insurance industry, including claims management, customer management, and risk pricing.
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Big Data game changing opportunity for financial institutions
Date: May 31, 2012   |   Author: Tiah Wen Li
Scott Isaacs, vice president, field operations, South Asia, SAS, feels that banks in Asia are ready to tap into Big Data.

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