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Australian banks may struggle to meet data gathering component in APRA's new reporting standards
Date: Nov 21, 2012   |   Author: Esther Tan
Although APRA’s liquidity reporting guidelines are still conceptual, Australian banks are bound to be tied to more stringent reporting compliance compared to most countries.
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Top level shakedown at Citigroup leaves air of uncertainty
Date: Oct 17, 2012   |   Author: Timothy Shim
Famously known as the $1 CEO, Vikram Pandit has left Citigroup with immediate effect, along with president and COO John Havens. Will more follow?
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Banks must modernise payments processes to stay relevant
Date: Sep 10, 2012   |   Author: Magessan Raj
The demand for real-time payments is slowly, but surely, rising, with Singapore banks selecting Fundtech’s Global PAYplus solution to streamline their workflows, while ensuring adaptability to future changes.
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CFTC’s proposed OTC reform could result in additional risk and costs for markets
Date: Sep 04, 2012   |   Author: Magessan Raj
Australian, Hong Kong and Singaporean regulatory bodies urge the CFTC to carry out further collaborations with foreign counterparts before finalising application of US derivatives regulations overseas.
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Hudson’s closure shows independent research firms must adapt to survive in current climate
Date: Aug 23, 2012   |   Author: Magessan Raj
Hudson Street Services’ failure highlights the strain faced by independent research firms after the financial crisis, and the need to evolve and move along with the times.
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Are you a Volcker Rule FBO?
Date: Jul 31, 2012   |   Author: David Millar
David Millar, risk consultant, trainer and former COO at global risk management association, PRMIA, looks at the Volcker Rule and examines its impact on Asian banks.
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LIBOR – will it, should it ever be the same?
Date: Mar 23, 2012   |   Author: David Millar
David Millar, risk trainer and former COO at PRMIA, feels following the possible LIBOR rate fixing scandal, we should be looking at a mathematical and transparent way of fixing global base rates.
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Contenders for OJK board seats unveiled
Date: Feb 14, 2012   |   Author: Wong Wei Han
Indonesia has come a step closer to setting up a financial service authority with the candidate selection for commissioner posts at the Otoritas Jasa Keuangan now underway.
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Research Note
Australia: Economy strong but bank expansion uncertain
Date: Oct 03, 2011   |   Author: Research
Australia saw 14 banks ranked in the 2011-2012 AB500 with combined assets totalling $2,706 billion and recording $22 billion in net profits, however a reduction in easy cash flow may hamper the growth of its banks.

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