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News Analysis
Japanese banks in Southeast Asia expansion bid to tap regional growth
Date: Jul 05, 2013   |   Author: Magessan Raj
BTMU seeks to finalise a proposed $5.75b acquisition in Thailand’s Bank of Ayudhya, in a move widely expected to boost both banks’ retail and corporate banking endeavours.
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News Analysis
OCBC Securities reveals IT resiliency gap with recent two hour outage
Date: Feb 02, 2012   |   Author: Aldo Joson
Hosting facility’s power disruption leaves customers and brokers in the dark.
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Research Note
Japan – Haven or time bomb?
Date: Dec 23, 2011   |   Author: Doron Foo
Although Japan managed to recover from the March 2011 natural disasters, domestic political risks and competition coupled with volatility of the global economy will hinder the nation’s and its banking sector’s recovery.
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News Analysis
Japanese banks enter dark patch
Date: Nov 16, 2011   |   Author: Peter Hoflich
July to September profits at Japanese banks shows distinct slide, principally at Mizuho which is laying off 5% of its staff.
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News Analysis
Mizuho aspires to end failed dual bank silo structure
Date: May 24, 2011   |   Author: Peter Hoflich
Japanese mega-bank Mizuho’s desperation to shake its accident prone image and prevent a third systems failure has forced it to lay down plans to finally enter the new millennium.
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Large banks’ channel networks increasingly susceptible to major outages
Date: Mar 23, 2011   |   Author: Aldo Joson
Mizuho Bank is the latest to suffer the massive ATM, internet banking and settlement outages that have plagued banks in Singapore and Australia.
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News Analysis
Japan’s natural disaster will have the largest-ever impact on banks
Date: Mar 22, 2011   |   Author: Peter Hoflich
The March 11th earthquake and tsunami in northeast Japan will cost $235 billion in economic damage and may claim Mizuho Financial Group as its key corporate victim.

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