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Research Note
Banks reach turning point; face potential asset quality deterioration
Date: Feb 28, 2014   |   Author: Research
Asian markets that have been buoyed by easy liquidity over the past few years have now to re-orientate to a world where the “music” of cheap money has virtually stopped.
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High chance of financial crisis in China, says Credit Agricole senior economist
Date: Feb 26, 2014   |   Author: Dariusz Kowalczyk
Dariusz Kowalczyk, senior economist/strategist at Credit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank, feels that an imminent financial crisis in China is probable, with stress signs in WMPs and trust loans particularly evident.
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VIDEO: “The regulatory system in the US is way too complex and fragmented”
Date: Feb 13, 2014   |   Author: The Banking Conversation
William Isaac, former chairman, FDIC, discusses the Volcker Rule, too-big-to-fail banks and recent regulatory failures.
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Interview transcript: William Isaac, former chairman, US FDIC
Date: Feb 11, 2014   |   Author: Editorial
William “Bill” Isaac, former chairman, US Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, discusses evolution of US bank regulation, banks' risky investment activities and better regulation and supervision going forward.
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News Analysis
Volcker rule finalisation puts end to risky bank trading bets
Date: Dec 13, 2013   |   Author: Magessan Raj
How effective will the Volcker rule be in addressing the greater shortcomings of the US’ financial system?
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“Competency has to be present at all levels”
Date: Dec 04, 2013   |   Author: Bertrand Pigeon
Gilbert Kohnke, chief risk officer at OCBC Bank, discusses regulatory and risk management challenges ahead, with Basel III compliance being banks’ chief concern.
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“Banks’ risk appetite statement should drive risk framework establishment”
Date: Nov 19, 2013   |   Author: Bertrand Pigeon
Hans Broekhuisen, chief risk officer at Vietnam's VPBank, discusses the paradigm shift in bank risk management over the past decade and the relevance of risk appetite to one's business strategy.
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News Analysis
“No technology is going to replace the inquisitiveness of the regulator”
Date: Sep 25, 2013   |   Author: Wendy Weng
Mike Bodson, CEO at DTCC, discussing new threats facing the financial system at Sibos 2013, feels that while the global financial community is in a safer environment today, it can ill afford complacency.
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Indian banks must harness risk management instruments to better tackle market risks
Date: May 29, 2013   |   Author: Baron Laudermilk
Banks in India lack robust risk management technology infrastructure and are thus underprepared to tackle the myriad of risks faced in the international marketplace of today.

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