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Trade repositories key to understanding exposures
Date: Apr 08, 2013   |   Author: Michael Bodson
Michael Bodson, president and CEO of DTCC feels that as derivatives are a global business, the ability to provide regulators with immediate access to a global data set is crucial.
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End of the road for “too big to fail” banks?
Date: Dec 14, 2012   |   Author: Magessan Raj
US FDIC and Bank of England alliance unveil measures to seize and unwind global systematically important banks should they fail.
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Watanabe departure likely to end Nomura's global push
Date: Jul 30, 2012   |   Author: Lalitha Sivanesan
A series of missteps amidst a volatile banking environment, combined with an insider trading scandal, have left the CEO of Japan’s largest investment bank with no choice but to resign.
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Nomura loses wholesale banking chief
Date: Jan 16, 2012   |   Author: Wong Wei Han
Nomura Holdings’ top ex-Lehman executive Jesse Bhattal has stepped down from his position, raising questions of whether the top Japanese brokerage is on the verge of revamping its global strategies.

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