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Facing FATCA: Unravelling the IT solution confusion
Date: Aug 14, 2013   |   Author: Colin Camp
Colin Camp, managing director of Dion Global Solutions, feels that FIs are finally coming to terms with the reality of FATCA, and must now decide how to address the demand placed upon them.
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Case Study
Cathay United Bank remodels data warehouse to facilitate a single version of truth
Date: May 14, 2013   |   Author: Levina Lim
The bank successfully partnered with Teradata to implement an enterprise-wide Data Management Infrastructure, improving analysis efficiency and risk control capabilities.
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Cloud computing gaining momentum as banks seek alternative outsourcing arrangements
Date: Jan 25, 2013   |   Author: Carol Wheatcroft
Anshuman Singh, CTO, Enterprise Services of HP Asia Pacific and Japan discusses how cloud computing is changing the dynamics of the financial services industry.
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Proceedings Report
Customisation and end-to-end information integration key focus of Malaysian transaction banks
Date: Dec 17, 2012   |   Author: Levina Lim
Proceedings report from The Asian Banker Breakfast Roundtable Dialogue on key trends and best practices in transaction banking, key areas of concern and investment focus among Malaysian transaction banks.
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Data security: Will banks ever adopt a data centric model?
Date: Apr 12, 2012   |   Author: Carol Wheatcroft
Adopting a data centric model for data security would require banks to classify and encrypt all sensitive data. Can this idea gain ground?
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Information security in an insecure world
Date: Apr 04, 2012   |   Author: David Millar
David Millar, risk trainer and former COO at PRMIA, feels that modern communications and transparency will not help in the operational risk manager’s task of avoiding information security events.

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