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Interview transcript: Nadeem Syed, CEO, Misys
Date: Apr 22, 2014   |   Author: Nadeem Syed
Nadeem Syed, CEO, Misys, talks about their transformation to a software company, partners being a channel to growth, and benefits of product flexibility.
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Cloud computing gaining momentum as banks seek alternative outsourcing arrangements
Date: Jan 25, 2013   |   Author: Carol Wheatcroft
Anshuman Singh, CTO, Enterprise Services of HP Asia Pacific and Japan discusses how cloud computing is changing the dynamics of the financial services industry.
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News Analysis
Analytics show Cyber Monday sales up 27%
Date: Nov 27, 2012   |   Author: Timothy Shim
Thanks to analytics predictions, retailers rolled out online sales and promotions earlier this year resulting in $1.5b in sales, a large boost over last year’s.
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Cloud computing, Big Data, cybersecurity, among top topics at this year’s Technology and Innovation Conference
Date: Apr 02, 2012   |   Author: Carol Wheatcroft
Technology advances persist at a rapid pace and innovation through the use of technology continues to change the face of the banking industry.
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BBVA and Google agreement herald a shift to web based enterprise services
Date: Jan 20, 2012   |   Author: Aldo Joson
Internet search giant may see a turnaround for its cloud computing app takeup from usually conservative banks.
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ANZ’s CIO dispels cloud illusions, paints a much more sobering picture
Date: Oct 14, 2011   |   Author: Aldo Joson
Australia and New Zealand Banking Group CIO Anne Weatherston says that cloud computing needs at least five years to mature and convince everyone that their services are safe and helpful.
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Interview transcript: Kathleen Stalk, Payment Solutions Executive, IBM, June 1st 2011
Date: Jun 18, 2011   |   Author: Editorial
Kathleen Stalk, payment solutions executive at IBM, shares her views on trends in mobile payment systems, and working with the Cloud.
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Lessons learned when clouds burst
Date: May 20, 2011   |   Author: Aldo Joson
Recent outage at the cloud computing services of both Amazon and Microsoft show that systems architecture and resiliency are the weak links in what is still an emerging technology.
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Briefing notes
Can the banking industry afford to ignore cloud computing?
Date: Apr 07, 2011   |   Author: Research
Understand the key obstacles to cloud computing and identify specific advantages and feasibilities of cloud computing projects as well as future threats and measurable benefits to an implementation.

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