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Our archives on Basel II
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Proceedings Report
Proactive bank risk discovery take on increased importance
Date: Feb 26, 2014   |   Author: Research
Proceedings report from The Asian Banker’s Risk Management Dialogue 2014, on the key elements of an integrated risk management framework.
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Case Study
Bank Mandiri claims ERM solution implementation facilitated greater capital efficiency
Date: Jan 07, 2014   |   Author: Foo Boon Ping
The bank's integrated risk management system enabled it to compute capital adequacy more effectively, improve capital planning, define its risk appetite and set risk limits.
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Proceedings Report
Need for strong risk culture increasingly acknowledged by Thai banks
Date: Nov 25, 2013   |   Author: Research
Proceedings report from The Asian Banker’s Thailand Heads of Risk Dialogue 2013, on issues shaping the current risk management environment in the country.
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“Banks’ risk appetite statement should drive risk framework establishment”
Date: Nov 19, 2013   |   Author: Bertrand Pigeon
Hans Broekhuisen, chief risk officer at Vietnam's VPBank, discusses the paradigm shift in bank risk management over the past decade and the relevance of risk appetite to one's business strategy.
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Proceedings Report
Asian banks’ operational costs heightened by international regulations
Date: Sep 09, 2013   |   Author: Research
Proceedings report from The Asian Banker’s Singapore Heads of Risk & Compliance Dialogue 2013, on the need for banks to better consolidate their risk management functions and platforms.
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News Analysis
Sibos 2013: Regulation, opportunities, operational excellence
Date: Sep 06, 2013   |   Author: Magessan Raj
With focus on Asia as the next growth platform, transformation is also occurring elsewhere in transaction banking, particularly in market infrastructures.
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Simplicity, risk sensitivity and comparability: The regulatory balancing act
Date: Feb 27, 2013   |   Author: Wayne Byres
Wayne Byres, secretary general of BCBS, feels that banks today cannot operate anywhere near as effectively without models for pricing and risk management.
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Research Note
Risky road ahead for South Korean banks
Date: Dec 04, 2012   |   Author: Baron Laudermilk
Weakening ROAs, risky NPLs, and funding exposures may prove to be stumbling blocks in the banks’ quest to seek compliance with Basel III.
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VIDEO: “We normalize the data, not the outcome”
Date: Nov 21, 2012   |   Author: The Banking Conversation
Philip Winckle, Executive Director of PECDC, discusses PECDC’s formation, data sharing, and implementing proper safeguards.

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