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Regulatory convergence pre-requisite for successful exchange consolidation
Date: Oct 30, 2013   |   Author: Mobasher Kazmi
NASDAQ’s executive management team will need to carefully weigh its options on the mechanics of the proposed merger with Euronext.
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Fragmentation experiment seems inevitable
Date: Dec 21, 2011   |   Author: Steve Grob
Steve Grob, director of group strategy for Fidessa, feels that the HFT community is likely to remain cautious about embracing Chi-X and PureMatch fully in the very short term.
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News Analysis
Markets rally on Fed announcement of near zero interest rates till 2013
Date: Aug 10, 2011   |   Author: Timothy Shim
Hope fills the air for markets worldwide as Fed announcement sees the Dow rallying up 429 moments before closing.
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Singapore Exchange after the failed ASX bid – what next?
Date: May 05, 2011   |   Author: Editorial
In an exclusive video interview, Muthukrishnan Ramaswami, president of SGX discusses what happened during SGX’s failed bid for ASX, and gives his views on current developments in the markets and exchanges industry.
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Interview transcript: Muthukrishnan Ramaswami, President, Singapore Exchange Limited, April 18th, 2011
Date: Apr 27, 2011   |   Author: Editorial
M Ramaswami, president of SGX, gave an exclusive interview at The Asian Banker Summit in Hong Kong after Australia’s government pre-empted the ASX take-over bid and set future operating parameters for SGX.

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