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China's latest AML guidelines to help authorities clamp down on large organised crime rings
Date: Jun 12, 2013   |   Author: Michael Thomas
Michael Thomas, director at Wolters Kluwer Financial Services, North Asia, feels that the country’s latest AML regulation will mean added costs for FIs, which may struggle to comply.
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How risk management could address key challenges for wealth managers in Asia
Date: Dec 12, 2012   |   Author: Frederic Bertholon-Lampiris
Frederic Bertholon-Lampiris, director of financial services industry practice at Deloitte Singapore feels that the traditional wealth management business model is at risk and has to be reshuffled.
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Will outsourcing the sanctions screening process work?
Date: Aug 14, 2012   |   Author: Levina Lim
Outsourcing the sanctions screening process relieves a major operational burden off FIs, but security issues, central bank approval and integration of systems need to be addressed.
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Big Data : a real challenge impacting banks?
Date: Mar 01, 2012   |   Author: Edwin Yuen
Edwin Yuen, chief analytics officer, Basel Implementation Office, Bank of China,Hong Kong, explains Big Data and how banks are rising to face the overflow of information.
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Renminbi payment growth shakes off Q4 shivers
Date: Jan 20, 2012   |   Author: Peter Hoflich
Data gathered by Asian Banker Research on renminbi use shows that trade settlements have wavered and deposit growth has dipped, while SWIFT data shows that payments have recovered after a two-month slump.
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Pace of implementation slowing trade finance innovations
Date: Dec 22, 2011   |   Author: Wong Wei Han
Bruce Proctor, head of Bank of America Merrill Lynch global trade and supply chain finance, questions whether trade finance solutions are being held back by delays in implementing regulations.
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Massive bank layoffs signal risk and opportunity for outsourcing
Date: Dec 02, 2011   |   Author: Aldo Joson
Banks will have to address the issue of service level deterioration and regulatory concerns as they move to low-cost centres.
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The dim sum bond market blends local flavour with international flair
Date: Nov 22, 2011   |   Author: Michele Barlow
Michele Barlow, head of AP credit and convertible bonds research at Bank of America Merrill Lynch Global Research, feels that the dim sum bond market has gotten off to a strong start in terms of depth and innovation.
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Downgrade of three major U.S. banks bodes ill for chances of help in stormy waters
Date: Sep 26, 2011   |   Author: Wong Wei Han
Moody’s announced rating downgrades for Bank of America, Citigroup and Wells Fargo may lower possibility of government bail-outs for major financial institutions amid changing regulatory landscape

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