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News Analysis
e-Payments make significant inroads in African nations
Date: Jan 10, 2013   |   Author: Magessan Raj
GhIPSS and NIBBS seek to create a cashless, electronic payment society through the roll-out of new electronic payment initiatives.
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Proceedings Report
Indonesian transaction banks intent on improving host-to-host connectivity in 2013
Date: Dec 18, 2012   |   Author: Levina Lim
Proceedings report from The Asian Banker Breakfast Roundtable Dialogue in Jakarta on key competitive factors and IT investment focus for Indonesian transaction banks.
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Interview transcript: Richard Braddock, Executive Chairman, Mozido
Date: Sep 27, 2012   |   Author: Editorial
Richard Braddock, Executive Chairman of Mozido discusses the organisation’s business model, reaching the unbanked segment, as well as innovation and leadership in the current marketplace.
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News Analysis
Burmese banks launch overseas exchange services
Date: Feb 09, 2012   |   Author: Wong Wei Han
Four private banks in Myanmar are launching money exchange services in three ASEAN countries, creating secured channels for remittances from Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.
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Research Note
Customer centric execution key consideration to successful mobile banking propositions
Date: Jul 14, 2011   |   Author: Manob Gupta
Convenience of use and a product offering that gels with customer lifestyle are some of the crucial considerations for those pursuing mobile banking.

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