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While sales and service integration proceeds, banks still struggle in measuring campaign profitability
Despite a refined and more granular segmentation, higher campaign automation and centralised campaign management, most banks in the region still rely heavily on untargeted and unsolicited marketing.

Sep 09, 2011 | Research

The majority of banks in emerging markets still operate in silos along their business lines, with inter-departmental cooperation and information sharing extremely limited. Sales and service integration has come a long way from the beginning of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in the 1990s. Starting from contact management and customer service, more and more features were added over time.  Best practice banks in the region, such as those in Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia, have realised integrated sales and services structures as well as implemented and executed multi-channel…

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Categories: Data & Analytics, Emerging Markets, FSI Customer Relationship Management , India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand
Keywords: Data Silos, Best Practices, Infrastructure, Customer Behaviour
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