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OCBC enhances data analytics capabilities to drive business value
Donald MacDonald, head of OCBC’s group consumer analytics and decisioning division, discusses the bank’s data analytics capabilities and its focus on value-added initiatives.

Apr 12, 2013 | Levina Lim

Banks in Asia are harnessing analytics though many still face considerable issues in data consolidation. Amidst this, OCBC has pulled ahead of the game. The bank possesses regional capability hubbed in one location, Singapore, and its analytics initiatives are carried out by a team led by Donald MacDonald, head of group consumer analytics and decisioning, OCBC. OCBC began its analytics journey in the late 1990s, when it built a comprehensive pipeline flowing from its customers to its CRM platform, enabling it to view every customer interaction with the bank. But it wasn’t until the turn…

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Categories: Customer Centricity, Data & Analytics, Data Management, FSI Customer Relationship Management , Technology & Operations
Keywords: OCBC, Donald MacDonald, OSPL, GE, CRM, Infographics, OCBC ROME
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