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OCBC eliminates inefficiencies by automating and standardising end-to-end systems
Optimisations in risk trade-offs and business strategy help guide Singapore’s OCBC through troubled times during the subprime crisis.

Dec 05, 2012 | Esther Tan

The persistent Euro crisis, as well as political unrest and natural disasters in certain countries, have affected banks throughout the globe. Despite the turbulent operating environment, Singapore’s OCBC emerged relatively unscathed through prudent risk management by optimising trade-offs in their risk appetite and business strategies. OCBC employs sound risk management to oversee activities that require a fair amount of risk. To achieve this, OCBC regularly refines its risk management approach and works at building a robust risk infrastructure. Portfolio performance is also constantly…

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Categories: Basel III, Operational Risk, Risk and Regulation, Singapore, Technology & Operations
Keywords: OCBC, BCBS, MRMD, Murex System, VaR, PV01, Cross Currency Risks, Moneyness, Market Risk
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