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Interview transcript: Professor Muhammad Yunus, Founder and Former CEO, Grameen Bank
Professor Muhammad Yunus, Nobel laureate and founder of Grameen Bank discusses introducing financial services to the poor, developing the Social Business idea, and reinventing today's banking system.

Nov 16, 2012 | Editorial

1. Introducing financial services to the poor Emmanuel Daniel (ED): Professor Muhammad Yunus, you have created the concept of sustainable banking in Bangladesh and now it’s a global phenomenon. Let’s go straight into where it is today and what the rest of the world can learn from the model that you’ve created. Especially for the commercial banking industry and the investment banks, which are trying to emulate or use micro-finance, the business that you had actually disciplined by a few…

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Categories: Bangladesh, Consumer Finance, Retail Banking
Keywords: Professor Muhammad Yunus, Grameen Bank, Sustainable Banking, Microfinance, Social Business, Pay Day Lenders
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