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Interview transcript: Philip Winckle, Executive Director, PECDC
Philip Winckle, Executive Director of PECDC, discusses establishing PECDC, addressing sovereign default risk in Europe, and extending PECDC’s presence beyond Europe.

Nov 20, 2012 | Editorial

1. Establishing PECDC Emmanuel Daniel (ED): What is the Pan European Credit Data Consortium (PECDC), and how did it come about? Philip Winckle (PW): PECDC started in 2004 as a collection of five or six banks who were dissatisfied with the fact that we couldn’t get data on our own model loss-given default. Loss-given default was necessary for banks to work, and there were banks in Europe that we recognised didn’t have enough data on their own, but together, they probably did. Over…

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Categories: Basel III, Capital & Strategic Issues, Data & Analytics, Data Management, Markets & Exchanges, Risk & Compliance, Risk and Regulation
Keywords: Philip Winckle, PECDC, Loss-Given Default Database, Basel II, Algorithmics, Risk Measurement, Sovereign Default, Data Sharing, QE3, Foreign Exchange Risk
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