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Has a new paradigm for business intelligence emerged?
Vivek Subramanyam,CEO of iCreate discusses the organisation’s aim to create a new paradigm for business intelligence solution - “Business Intelligence in a Box”.

Oct 29, 2012 | Carol Wheatcroft

According to iCreate chief executive officer Vivek Subramanyam, as banks’ increasingly advanced technological capabilities see their transaction systems begin to multiply, it is not uncommon for small banks to possess 10 transaction systems, with 30-40 similar systems for mid-sized banks, and 80-100 for large banks. It was against this backdrop that iCreate’s founders decided that the next level of banking technology investment would be in extracting value from the data held by these systems, posing the question “what sort of information would stakeholders within banks require?” They concluded…

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Categories: Data & Analytics, Data Management, Innovation, Technology & Operations
Keywords: iCreate, Vivek Subramanyam, BI, Biz$Score, Data Governance, BNP Paribas, ABN Amro, Bank Mandiri, HDFC Bank
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