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Further liberalisation of interest rates the way forward for China’s economy
Not only will the interest rate reform spur economic growth, it will also provide a level playing field for banks in the country.

Jun 19, 2013 | Baron Laudermilk

According to Goldman Sachs China strategist Ha Jiming, China’s average annual GDP growth could very well fall to around 6% over the next seven years, in sharp contrast to the average forecast from the country’s central government and economists. However, Ha’s left field forecast is not unjustified. With domestic industrial outputs slowing in June 2013, the Chinese economy has similarly stagnated. That said, China enjoys a special position – the country possesses…

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Categories: China, Regulation, Risk and Regulation
Keywords: Ha Jiming, Goldman Sachs, Hong Pingfan, Qu Hongbin, PBoC, CBRC
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