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Financial stability: Incentives matter
Remarks by Thomas Hoenig, vice chairman, FDIC, at the 14th Asian Banker Summit, Jakarta, on threats to financial stability, and management incentives and outcomes.

Apr 29, 2013 | Thomas Hoenig

Introduction Last week the IMF-World Bank meetings were held in Washington, and once again world financial leaders came together in a sincere effort to find solutions to the economic malaise plaguing many countries. Despite a myriad of reforms proposed or implemented subsequent to the financial crisis of 2008, we seem unable to escape its pull. The debate continues over whether we have done enough to assure a stable financial environment supportive of growth. What kind of incentives, fiscal conditions, central bank actions, legal frameworks, asset exposures, correlations…

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Categories: Basel III, Capital & Strategic Issues, Regulation, Risk and Regulation
Keywords: Thomas Hoenig, FDIC, Asian Banker Summit 2013, US Fed, Systemic Risk, Volcker Rule, Vickers’ Ring Fencing
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