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“Shadow banking is yet to destabilise China’s financial system”
Qiang Liao, senior director of financial institutions ratings at S&P’s, feels that shadow banking activities are more of a symptom, than cause of emerging systemic risks to the domestic banking sector.

Aug 15, 2013 | Qiang Liao

Shadow banking has, undoubtedly, been growing at a rapid clip in China. According to Standard & Poor’s estimates, shadow banking accounted for Rmb22.9 trillion ($3.7 trillion) of credit in China at the end of 2012, after making adjustments to avoid double counting. We estimate credit in this market has increased at a compounded annual growth rate of 34% since the end of 2010. We believe that growth is likely to remain strong for at least the next few years, albeit at a slightly slower rate.

Categories: Capital & Strategic Issues, China, Risk and Regulation
Keywords: S&P's, Qiang Liao, Shadow Banking, Credit Risk, Contagion Risk, FSB, Systemic Risk
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