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“Having the early mover advantage when entering frontier markets can make a difference"
Venkatesh Somanathan, director of regional trade finance product management at Deutsche Bank, discusses overcoming hurdles faced in frontier markets such as Mongolia and Myanmar.

Oct 01, 2013 | Esther Tan

While frontier markets remain very much a hot topic among bankers, whether they can derive ample benefits out of risks prevailing in such markets is another issue. Currently, top frontier countries in Asia comprise Cambodia, Mongolia, Myanmar and Vietnam.

However, just like any other issue, frontier markets are a question of definition. A bank which has not penetrated Myanmar might label it a frontier market; a bank which already has presence there might label it an emerging market instead.


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Categories: Cambodia, Cash, Treasury & Trade, Trade Finance, Transaction Banking, Vietnam
Keywords: Sibos 2013, Venkatesh Somanathan, Deutsche Bank, Myanmar, Mongolia, Frontier Markets, Competitive Financing
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