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US SEC proposes rules for cross-border security swaps
May 07, 2013

Washington, May 1st 2013 - The Securities and Exchange Commission today voted unanimously to propose rules and interpretive guidance for parties to cross-border security-based swap transactions.

The proposal explains which regulatory requirements apply when a transaction occurs partially within and partially outside the U.S. The proposed rules also set forth when security-based swap dealers, major security-based swap participants, and other entities — such as clearing agencies, execution facilities, and data repositories — must register with the SEC.

The proposal outlines a “substituted compliance” framework in order to facilitate a well-functioning global security-based swap market. It is an approach that recognizes that market participants may be subject to conflicting or duplicative compliance obligations in the global derivatives market.

“We should take a robust and workable approach to this particularly complex and predominantly global market,” said Mary Jo White, SEC Chair. “The global nature of this market means that participants may be subject to requirements in multiple countries, and this type of overlapping regulatory oversight could lead to conflicting or costly duplicative regulatory requirements. Market participants need to know which rules to follow, and I believe that this proposal will serve as the road map.”

The comment period for the proposed rules and interpretive guidance for cross-border security-based swap activities will occur for 90 days after they are published in the Federal Register.

Separately, the Commission voted unanimously to reopen the public comment period for all rules not yet finalized, stemming from Title VII of the Dodd-Frank Act. The comment periods for these rules — and a policy statement describing the expected order for these new rules to take effect — will be reopened for 60 days after notice is published in the Federal Register.


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