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Paladyne Systems launches stand-alone order management system
Dec 17, 2012

New York, December 12th 2012 – Paladyne Systems, a Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc. Company and leading provider of next generation investment management solutions, today announced it has lifted out its order management system (OMS) for hedge funds, asset managers and prime brokers, as a stand-alone product. Paladyne OMS provides the industry with a model for the front- and middle-office that combines broker-neutrality, strong compliance capabilities, and support for multi-asset classes, multi-prime and multi-currency trading and order management.

Paladyne OMS has been successfully deployed as a stand-alone order management system by clients in Asia, Europe and the US. Previously bundled as part of Paladyne Portfolio Master, it is now offered as a full OMS solution for an investment management firm, tightly integrated with Advent’s Geneva® as a PMS accounting engine, or as a tool to aggregate order management activities across a firm dealing with disparate OMS and EMS platforms. Paladyne OMS also integrates with service providers such as fund administrators to handle the fund manager’s start of day position feeds and middle-office processing.

Paladyne OMS provides a cost-effective, flexible and scalable solution for managing the complete trading environment. The solution provides consolidated position, risk and management tools across all portfolios, strategies and products for the client, including:

· Comprehensive security coverage including equities, ?xed income, FX, futures and options, ABS/MBS and a wide range of OTC instruments (e.g., CDS, CDX, TRS, IRS, Variance Swaps)
· Tight integration with leading market data and EMS providers
· Deployable as a stand-alone OMS or part of Paladyne or third-party solutions and products
· Fully compatible with Paladyne’s or third-party Portfolio Management Systems
· Intraday confirmation and matching module
· Integrated compliance application drives sophisticated pre-trade and post-trade compliance functions
· Flexible connectivity models to integrate with executing brokers
· Globally hosted in redundant sites and supported locally in North America, Europe and Asia

“We have actively been providing OMS capabilities to several hundred clients for many years, but have never marketed our product set as a stand-alone OMS product. We believe that our functionality and pricing model will be very welcome in the market, and provide a logical upgrade path for funds and asset managers as their needs expand,” said Sameer Shalaby, President Paladyne Systems.

“One of our key differentiators particularly attractive to our clients and distribution partners is that we offer complete broker-neutrality and do not compete with our clients on any level of trade execution. Paladyne OMS streamlines the entire workflow for hedge funds and asset managers from traders and portfolio managers in the front-office through smoothly handling P&L and risk management middle-office processes,” added Mr. Shalaby.


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