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OCBC Securities opens new Investors Hub
Jan 23, 2013

Singapore, January 21st 2013 - OCBC Securities Private Limited (OCBC Securities) today officially opens its S$2 million OCBC Securities Investors Hub at 18 Church Street. The 6600-square feet facility features a multi-media Trading Gallery – the first of its kind in the brokerage industry - that showcases a wide range of mobile trading gadgets. Each customer service touchpoint in the facility has also been designed to allow meaningful interaction and enhance the investor experience.

The transformation was the outcome of in-house experiential design work and research with 100 retail investors to find out what they want. Investors shared that, despite the advent of mobile gadgets and online trading platforms, they still want a place where they can share trading ideas, talk to trade specialists, have quick access to information about global stock markets and feel the excitement of trading and investing.

The key features at the new OCBC Securities Investors Hub are:

1. First-of-its-kind multi-media Trading Gallery
The Trading Gallery showcases a full range of mobile trading gadgets - from the iPhone and iPad to BlackBerry and Android devices - that customers can use to access iOCBC TradeMobile, OCBC Securities’ mobile trading application. OCBC Securities trade representatives are available to give customers pointers on using internet and mobile trading platforms.

There are also six trading terminals on-site for customers to place trades via iOCBC, OCBC Securities’ internet trading platform.

A digital media wall displays key global market indices and prices of main commodities traded and popular foreign currency pairs. It also highlights key information on the suite of products offered by OCBC Securities to investors.

2. Dealing Gallery
The Dealing Gallery houses the OCBC Securities Central Dealing Team which operates throughout the market trading hours of major global markets. Unique to OCBC Securities, this feature allows customers to catch the dealers in action and feel the beat of the market.

3. Customised servicing touchpoints
The new facility involves replacing five computer terminals with individual Customer Service Pods. Each features a computer monitor that can rotate 360 degrees so staff can more easily share information with the customer.

This makes the entire process transparent to the customer. Each Pod is self-sufficient in terms of equipment to make the customer servicing process a more engaging and meaningful one.

Customers who prefer private discussions with their Trading Representatives will be able to use two private meeting rooms in the Customer Service Lobby. These rooms are fully equipped with office systems and monitor screens to process customers’ enquiries.

4. Seminar Room
The Seminar Room caters to customer engagement activities like regular Trading Sense workshops by in-house experts and guest speakers on OCBC Securities trading tools and services, such as share financing and share borrowing, listed products and trading in overseas markets. OCBC Investment Research analysts also conduct talks on Singapore equities in this room.

A 2011 retail study by Deloitte Consulting showed the importance of maintaining a physical space for customer engagement. The study found that “while social and mobile channels provide avenues for retailers to be cuttingedge, the consensus among the executives we surveyed is that brick-and mortar stores are still the leading format for providing higher service levels and building brand awareness.”

Increasingly, the role of the physical space is evolving from a transactional model to an experiential one where customers enjoy a personalised experience. The survey shared that “retailers who combine the best of both retail worlds - the sensory experience of a brick-and-mortar store with convenient access to extensive online information - can gain the upper hand in an intensely competitive environment.” The majority of retail executives surveyed in the Deloitte Consulting’s retail study said that the store will remain the principal channel where customers can have a compelling brand experience and meaningful interactions with sales associates.

Mr Raymond Chee, Managing Director of OCBC Securities, said: “We have been surprised by our investors wanting brick-and-mortar trading experience in addition to the convenience of a good online trading platform. The brick-and-mortar touchpoint is not dead. That is why we want to give our investors a great trading experience online and offline. From the moment the customeropens a trading account at a branch or at the OCBC Securities Investors Hub to his ongoing relationship with his trading representative and execution of his trades, we wow him with our iOCBC online trading system and this new Hub that he can make use of for his trading needs.”

He added: “Since we opened the Hub in July last year, we have received positive feedback from our investors. They find the digital media wall useful as they are able to get up-to-date market information while waiting in the queue to speak to a trading representative. They also like the trading terminals and mobile trading gadgets which allow them to get hands-on with trading online.”


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