Javvy raises $7m in ICO

Coming hot off the heels of their successful ICO, Javvy Technologies, feeling revitalized refreshed and emboldened by community support turns its attention to lessons learned and next steps. The $7 million ICO fund raise yielded some terrific results for Javvy including over a million dollars in token swaps with exciting, progressive crypto projects like Faba, IAM and AgentMile, multiple FIAT investments totaling over $1.25 million, and retail sales of nearly $4.5 million. Javvy also experienced a 650% increase in application downloads in April with a 4.5-star average review. With approximately $800k in tokens remaining, and a few more bound to be left over from unclaimed Airdrop distributions, Javvy will be empowering users to take advantage of some valuable trans-mining opportunities.

The Javvy Solution

After a flood of application updates over the past few weeks and the overwhelming positive responses they garnered, it has become increasingly obvious that the path forward, for both the company and the industry, lies in the sustainable development and further enhancement of Javvy’s core product. As of time of writing, current functionality provides users with exceptional features like in-app multi-exchange registration and native support for ICO, IEO and STO contributions paired with desired and expected capabilities like buy, sell, send and receive on numerous crypto currencies. Javvy’s solution is a powerful entry into the world of crypto management. Today users can manage major currencies like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) along with popular Altcoins like Basic Attention Token (BAT), district0x (DNT), OmiseGO (OMG), Status Network Token (SNT) and QTUM, just to name a few, which provides a unified crypto management experience.

Javvy’s Differentiator

One key differentiator and real-world value add comes in Javvy’s ability to leverage exchange aggregation to minimize KYC requests, add support for a massive number of available coins and perform exchange arbitration to find you the best buy/sell rates available. Four exchanges are currently live in BETA with over a hundred coded and ready for launch. In the coming weeks and months, the application development team at Javvy will focus heavily on additional security and stability by incorporating automated fraud detection to allow faster order processing and finalizing the highly requested convert feature. These early versions are just the beginning, to test the waters, before opening the floodgates.

The Way Forward

Finally, Javvy CEO, Brandon Elliott, in his unwavering commitment to improve the industry holistically, alongside Co-Founder Frank Grogan and with contributions from Javvy’s media consultants at The Collective are in the process of compiling a list of what did and did not work well during the ICO. The goal being to create a framework for helping others navigate the murky waters of ICO’s. It should be a very illuminating semi-autobiographical tell all on Javvy’s extensive experience in the ICO world over the past two years. Additionally, Javvy will be launching an IEO later this year to showcase the power of its native IEO contribution functionality in the wallet app. All this coupled with exciting new, soon-to-be-announced, partnerships have Javvy marching forward in to a bright and productive summer season.

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