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IPC's Connexus Financial Extranet celebrates first anniversary
Jan 17, 2013

New Jersey, January 14th 2013 - Just one year after its introduction, IPC’s Connexus Financial Extranet has quickly become a major global player in the data connectivity market with a fast-growing on-net community of customers, service providers, and major exchanges in both established and emerging markets. Helping fuel Connexus’s growth is an expanding number of providers increasing the offering of the Connexus suite of features and capabilities providing customers with the tools they need to meet the challenges of today’s trading environment.

“Whether they’ve been looking to participate in a large on-net community, reduce network complexity or increase speed-to-market, customers have immediately seen the value of Connexus,” Joe Pickel, vice president, Network Services Product Management for IPC said. “It’s certainly been a case of Connexus exceeding our expectations because we’ve designed it to exceed customer expectations.”

Connexus was introduced in late 2011 to offer capital market participants quick and cost-effective access to a broad range of cloud-based trade lifecycle services through a single connection. It features an IP/MPLS network backbone and supports standard protocols including TCP, IP, UDP and multicast as well as trading protocols including FIX and SWIFT.

Although Connexus may feature the newest and most advanced technology in the market, that is only a small part of the reason for its success according to Pickel. “With 40 years of experience serving the capital markets we know that technology isn’t a solution in and of itself. It’s how you leverage that technology to provide services that makes the difference,” Pickel said.

In the case of Connexus, IPC has leveraged the technology to provide customers with the ability view network performance and bandwidth utilization in real-time, allowing them to better manage capacity and performance and to even proactively plan for changes in usage and demand.

Customers access the information through a secure portal that gives them global visibility, reporting and hands-on analysis of their network as well as business-level transactions such as information about service requests or circuit ordering.

IPC has also invested in embedding instrumentation throughout its Connexus network for proactive and enhanced reactive management. Based on best-of-breed network and Financial Industry tools, IPC has a comprehensive approach that includes intelligent monitoring points from Datacom Systems and performance management solutions from NetScout, providing proactive monitoring and end-to-end visibility into the performance of Connexus’s network infrastructure.

“With the additional visibility and control we provide, customers can make better connectivity and bandwidth decisions and help their firms operate smarter, faster and more efficiently. And our monitoring capabilities increases overall support, responsiveness and customer confidence” Pickel said. “That’s a tremendous advantage for our customers and based on its growth in the first year, it’s also a tremendous advantage of our Connexus offering.”

Connexus is part of the IPC Financial Markets Network service portfolio which also includes private extranet and Direct Connect data services, as well as Trader and Enhanced voice communications services. The IPC Financial Markets Network is an expansive global network designed for voice and electronic trading and caters exclusively to the exacting demands of capital market participants. The network interconnects global financial centers and allows access to more than 4,500 market participant locations in over 700 cities in nearly 60 countries.


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