Gojek collaboration with LinkAja, presents new payment options

Two Indonesian technology companies, GOJEK and LinkAja announced a strategic collaboration to make payment easier for various services. The presence of LinkAja in the GOJEK application will complement the non-cash payment options that GO-JEK users now enjoy, namely GO-PAY. This feature will be available in the GOJEK application this year. This collaboration is in line with LinkAja and GOJEK's commitment to providing convenience to the people of Indonesia.

GOJEK President Andre Soelistyo said, "We welcome LinkAja's presence on the GOJEK platform. We always believe that by implementing an open ecosystem and collaborating with parties who share the same mission, more people will feel the positive impact of this mission. This commitment is a strategic collaboration and a goal for us. "

A positive response was also conveyed by the Managing Director of GO-PAY, Budi Gandasoebrata. According to him, LinkAja brought a mission similar to GOJEK and GO-PAY, namely supporting the acceleration of the National Non-Cash Movement (GNNT) and introducing and educating the Indonesian people about the benefits of non-cash payments.

"GO-PAY welcomes LinkAja and the cooperation between GOJEK and LinkAja. We believe that the collaboration of GOJEK and LinkAja ecosystems can accelerate non-cash adoption in Indonesia, especially in the community that has never been touched by formal financial services. We can move forward together to educate all Indonesian people who are still dependent on cash regarding the benefits and potential of non-cash, "said Budi.

LinkAja was officially launched on June 30, 2019 as an electronic money formed by the synergy of Telkomsel and seven BUMNs or state-owned enterprises. LinkAja CEO Danu Wicaksana said, "By bringing the motto from Indonesia to Indonesia, we hope LinkAja can provide access to efficient financial services to all levels of society in Indonesia and help increase financial inclusion up to 75% by the end of 2019 inline with the government's target. We also welcome the cooperation with GOJEK in enriching the features and uses of LinkAja to users. "

Andre added that going forward, GOJEK and GO-PAY will always be open to collaborations that aim to have a positive impact on the wider community and build-up the Indonesian economy from the lowest pyramid. "We hope that through this collaboration, GOJEK users will have more payment options and the community can be more comfortable in carrying out their daily activities," concluded Andre.

Translated and re-disseminated by the Asian Banker

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