GO-JEK partners with Doctor Anywhere to offer medical teleconsultation service to its drivers

GOJEK has partnered with Doctor Anywhere - a Singapore-based on-demand video consultation platform that connects users to certified doctors - to provide its driver-partners with convenient access to online and physical medical consultation services.

From April 1, all active drivers on GOJEK will receive corporate access to Doctor Anywhere’s platform, with subscription fees fully paid for by GOJEK. The platform will enable drivers to video consult a Singapore-registered doctor anytime and from anywhere, relieving them of having to commute to a clinic and endure long waits to see a doctor.

As part of the partnership, driver-partners will be entitled to a partner rate for each medical consultation, where they can be diagnosed and treated for common illnesses, prescribed medication, and issued medical certificates and even referrals. Top active drivers-partners will receive additional medical benefits fully subsidised by GOJEK.

Drivers simply need to download the Doctor Anywhere app, register an account, and choose to video call a doctor or book an appointment for later. Drivers have the added convenience of getting their medication delivered to their doorsteps within three hours of their consultation, and all documents emailed to them instantly.

Under the partnership, GOJEK driver-partners will also be eligible for discounts of up to 40% for various services provided by wellness partners on Doctor Anywhere’s marketplace.

Lien Choong Luen, general manager of GOJEK Singapore, says: “Health is wealth - with Prolonged Medical Insurance, our driver-partners are protected in the event of prolonged illness or injury. But prevention is just as important, so we plan to offer medical consultation and hopefully prevent health issues from cropping up in the first place.”

He adds: “The reason we partnered with Doctor Anywhere is that they provide leading video medical consultation. In the same way that the GOJEK platform matches riders and drivers more efficiently, telehealth consultations are more convenient and time-saving, especially for drivers who are constantly on the go. Together, we hope that this would help our driver-partner community stay more healthy!”

Lim Waimun, founder and chief executive officer of Doctor Anywhere, says: “We are excited to bring this partnership to fruition as we work together with GOJEK to provide their driver-partners with convenient access to healthcare solutions. We recognise the healthcare struggles that come with busy lifestyles and are delighted to be a part of GOJEK’s efforts to maximise their driver-partners’ healthcare coverage.”

This announcement of GOJEK’s alliance with Doctor Anywhere comes a week after the ride-hailing company unveiled its partnership with Gigacover to offer Prolonged Medical Insurance coverage to its driver-partners. GOJEK will introduce new partnerships and benefits aimed at boosting the well-being of driver-partners in the following weeks.

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